Yes, yet another thread/question for you ol' wise people from Guitar Gear & Accessories forum. My GAS is becoming out of control and I am desperately running and searching from high to low.

So my question of the day is not about a particular amp, but possibly suggestions. Lets start of and say, imagine there is no fixed budget but lets be reasonably and try to keep under £1000. I need an amp that has good, fat distortion. Cleans aren't a major issue, but hey, I still want usable cleans.

At first, I was interested in the Peavey 5150. I am looking for to some tones like A Day To Remember so that fitted the category. Considering the band actually uses that amp, I thought wahey! However, considering this is built for high gain situations, there is something that kind of worries me. I'll be honest, I'm a pop punk/post hardcore guy so sometimes I want to bust out the usual All Time Low and Blink 182 tones. I'm not saying I want the EXACT same tone but just something similar. Could the Peavey 5150 be too br00t4lz for some pop punkz?

I'm realizing that a Mesa Rectifier is probably what I want but the fact Mesa's are always over £1500, its not something I would be willing to buy. Maybe in the future, but I'm just starting to upgrade to a tube amp (from a solid state).

I'm not asking for extreme versatility but I just need an amp that has good distortion that could vary up a bit. For example, I'd imagine post hardcore would require loads of gain/huge bottom end yet pop punk requires not so much gain/balanced EQ (at least that's what I understand).

So what's your input/feedback?

A Bugera 6262 is something to look into.
As is a Bogner Alchemist.
Laney's are great amps for a variety of sounds: GH50L, TT50H, VH100R.
Some hate this amp, but I am partial to it: Line6 Spider Valve.
Orange AD30.
Randall RG-50 TC.
Peavey Classic 30 with an OD pedal to boost it.

Does your price include a cabinet, or are you specifically looking for a combo?

Let me look on the used market for you, if you are interested?
No the cab isnt it the budget. I already have the cab sorted out But yes I am looking for a head.
Hmm well I've come to a decision where I might as well buy one from the states but its the whole voltage from the mains issue that I'm worried about.

I know you can easily just get a transformer to step down the voltage but I heard some scare stories about how it could create a huge amount of feedback and hissing and how there is loss of tone.
You may be able to pick up a Dual Rect in the UK for under a £1000.

I strongly recommend this amp. It is similarly voiced, but a little darker and with slightly more mid-range than the Dual Rectifier. It doesn't quite have as much gain, but check the Youtube clips and see that this is a beautiful amp for metal, it's just a matter of EQ'ing it properly.

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Still, shipping would be max 200, and if you got the amp at 800, that would be 100 bucks, around what 850 Euros? (800 maybe pounds)
There is the problem of Customs Tax. Sometimes, you can be charged upwards of £250.
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^ Wow ironically I saw that Mesa just a few seconds ago lol. I'll have a look at that and the other amp you suggested.

Would that American amp to UK mains be okay btw?
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^ Wow ironically I saw that Mesa just a few seconds ago lol. I'll have a look at that and the other amp you suggested.

Would that American amp to UK mains be okay btw?
I very much imagine so - if you are talking about that Mesa we saw, that is. You can always ask to make sure. And when you go to try it out, you can see and hear for yourself. It could be miles away from you, though.
Yeah it is, I just checked *sigh* Guys how about an Orange Rockerverb btw? I know it has EL34s so it would give that british feel but I'll just switch some 6L6s in it.
The Orange Rockerverb is actually quite American sounding, anyway. It has the British whispy compression, but a slightly darker, more Europian bass to it. Which is similarly found within American amps. It's an effective and sweet balance.

It's a nice amp with plenty of clean headroom and ease of use. It isn't quite as versatile or "metallica-ish" as the Dual Rect, but it's still worthy as a contender.
I don't recommend the 100 watt version; you have to push it that much harder to find the less compressed, preamp tones that don't sound that nice. They are very much passable, but to pay that much money for it is sad... unless you play it really loud, of course.
Lol nahh I was planning to get the 50 watt version anyway. I have a sound proof room being built in my house but just because no one can hear it outside, doesn't mean I want to push it till I go deaf

*sigh* I'll probably will have to save up for a mesa.

*Goes cries to sleep*

I'll probably get single due to price. Anyone had personal experience between dual and single?
I owned the Single, not the Dual. I didn't think I'd use the extra wattage and sounds that the Dual offered. I couldn't afford it, either. I wasn't disappointed, even though I don't own it anymore.
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Mesa Single/duo Rect? (used, since they aren't that cheep)

+1 that's what i was gonna say. pretty decently priced secondhand.

... but with further reading i see you're in the uk.

check out laney gh/vh series. a little bright, but may do the trick.
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