Hi , I am starting a ht-10 build and it has a flamed maple top that is covered in a hard sanding sealer. What is the best way to do a translucent blue finish? Can I use reranch translucent nitro spray aerosol over the sealer or does it have to be completely stripped and what is the best way to strip it without loosening the veneer top? Thank you in advance. Peace, Shawn
get rid of that sealer! the saga sealer is notoriously tough, use heavy duty sealer remover or sand that body down.
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I talked to a finish tech at Stewmac today and he said to hand sand the body and neck 220 then 320 then spray 2 light coats of shellac hand sand to scuff then use tint in lacquer 2-3 coats to get desired color sanding between coats then proceed with the clears as you normally would sanding up to 1200 then polishing and all would be great! So I am very relieved that I don't have to strip or sand all of that sealer off! I will have pics of build progress coming soon! Its gonna be a PRS style with 2 HB's from torres engineering a very vintage in the neck and a Blues overwound in the bridge! The color is going to be a translucent blue top with a Cherry looking back and vintage yellow on the back of the neck. The Head stock will be trans blue also; Its gonna look sweet!
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