umm yea TLC'ing my '02 Gibson les paul (thank you very much)

its nickle hardware with burstbucker V pups..
What i was thinking.. if i have some mula lying around, upgrade the hardware to gold (look like custom model) and change the pups to either SD 59&jb combo (as in my other guiitar) or burstbucker pro's

my questions:

is it worth the trouble to go to a repair shop to put in the gold brushings? or should i just get gibson replacement parts in gold and leave all the brushings in place and pop the gold hardware in?

Secondly; if i get a different brand bridge ei - tone pros, would it fit into the gibson brushings?

thirdly: any opinions on the burstbuckers compared to the V model and SD's i mentioned?

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Get a 59' for the neck and a dimi SD for the bridge.
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