About two weeks ago, I was moving out of my apartment at college and back home. I had this really cheap, 50 dollar bass I bought on craigslist. It was complete crap. The volume knobs were both gone, my pickguard was broken, tons of dents/bruises, my straps wouldn't stay in the wood and the nut would always pop off.

Anyone, I was moving and it was on my bed and I accidently dropped something on the neck and it snapped. I was pissed and happy at the same time..

So while searching on craigslist for a new one I came across someone selling a Ibanez SR300FM for 200 dollars. Im poor, so I offered 150, he accepted. Today, I have a new bass.

Its a mint condition (no scratches at all, no dents, perfect neck, setup, etc..) and it was taken care of very well. Heres some pics

It plays and sounds great. I was gonna get a normal SR300, but I like P/J pickup style more. This model is actually discontinued.

I wasn't gonna make a thread about it, but I love it, so wth

Anyone else have one?
I wish I had one!
Congrats bro
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Gosh thats purty. I love flamed maple tops. I was thinking about buying one, but I didnt...
God I cant wait for my new bass to come...Congratz

EDIT: I died a little inside when I saw your first picture...thought it had a huge gouge in it!
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I love hipshot bridges. they're always so damn expensive though.
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Wow. That looks fantastic! I hope you have many happy days of bassing with your new acqusition.
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I actually said out loud 'that's beautiful'. I like the look of it. Int he first picture, near the bridge, there seems to be a paint chipping. Why doesn't it appear in any of the other photos? It looks too dull to be camera flash glare.
Ya its just camera glare. Its not a chip, I assure you!
I would absolutely die if it was a chip lol

Ill see if I can get another pic to assure you its not a chip

After looking at it, its not camera glare, its light glare from the light on my ceiling right above my bed.
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