Anyone know where I can get more info on the current range? The official site is pretty empty.
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Sun O))) is Drop-A drone metal... What's the point? If you wanted to pay music, Disney always called haha
There isn't a current range. Sunn stopped building amps in 2002.
Sunn O))) is the band. Sunn makes really loud clean amps. they are pretty sweet though. the Sunn Model T and Solarus are their best tube heads, and they make a solid state head called a beta lead which is pretty neat. the circuitry is designed to be overdriven so you get more of a natural overdrive. they all take pedals well and get some nice fenderish overdrive. lots of doom metal bands use them, but its really just because they are loud. they don't have insane amounts of gain or anything.
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I want an amp good for playing hippie tunes. I want it to be an actual amp, not a tube amp.
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Sun O))) is Drop-A drone metal... What's the point? If you wanted to pay music, Disney always called haha


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Fender stopped building Sunn amps a few years ago. Sunn stopped building Sunn amps in the 80's

ebay is where I got mine


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God damn. I think it's the solid state Beta head I'm after. I just checked eBay Europe and there's no sign of Sunn amps.
Model T's come up on ebay Uk every few months, a reiusse half-stack went for just under £1000 quite recently.
Fender, seeing as they own the Sunn brand, should put it to use. Maybe for high end solid state amps? Maybe for higher gain amps then Fender's known for, even though Sunn isn't really known for high gain... something, seems a waste.
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I know what you mean, considering the desirability of these amps it seems crazy not to keep them in production.