A local guitar shop of mine have said they stock the standard Proco Rat, but not the Proco Rat 2, after I enquired about wanting to try one out.

I was just wondering if there are actually any major differences between the 2 of them, or whether it's still just worth trying the standard one anyway.

EDIT: It looks to me as if the 'standard' Proco Rat isn't even in production anymore, and the Rat 2 is the only one that's still sold. Is this just a bit of ignorance on the shop's behalf, purely because the pedal doesn't actually have a '2' on it?
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Most probably the latter. Especially if its new.

There's some good sites with the history of the RAT if you're interested in the specifics between the RAT models.
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it is usually safe to say that when it comes to gear, older is better.
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The newer Rats sound very slightly more aggressive. Go to youtube and look for GearManDude (who's most definitely Jack Black), who does a comparison of a vintage Rat and a Rat II. Same settings used on each pedal, but compared side-to-side.