Man, I am eating this forum up...

What do you guys think if the YCS50?? Is it pretty sturdy? It seems versatile, but does it still sound really good?? Better than the YCV50 Blue?? I have an attenuator and a 6 band EQ is about to be delivered if that means anything.

So, say I got the amp, changed out the power tubes for JJ/Tesla EL34's and put Tungsol's in the Preamp, would I be getting a better tone than my Palomino V32 plus more range of sound?
I have the amp, it's a great amp, haven't made a tube change yet but i'm going to be soon and everyone i've talked to says a tube swap really makes the amp come alive. I highly suggest this amp it does great classic rock, hard, 80s metal without a boost and with an OD or Distortion it can get pretty high gain. Try it out i think you'll like it.
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