I'm in a band and I do most of the music writing.Including melodies for the vocals, but I have a lot of trouble putting lyrics to those melodies. Usually when writing songs I put in some filler lyrics for like the chorus so I have something to sing and they sound alright, so I try to write the rest of the song around that, and in the end I dislike my lyrics very much. Whats interesting is I am a good writer, every English teacher i've ever had agrees, and I can write some poetry, but I just can't seem to put words to my own music. Does anyone have any tips for me on how to write better? Also I'm in a ska band and would like to write fun songs that everyone wants to sing along too, but my lyrics become either too serious or over the top goofy, so if anyone has tips on writing fun lyrics that would be appreciated. No one in my band is really any better than me at it, so is it okay to seek out someone outside of my band to help me write music for it?
hey dude, i used to have the same problem. What i find is that you need to think of something really important to you to write about before you do anything. this used to be my problem, but lately it seems like my life is falling apart. so of course inspiration is abundant. then, you just gotta write the lyrics like a poem. forget about melodies, if it sounds good to it's natural rhythm (how it sounds just talking) you can always change a word or two to make it fit. sorry i couldn't be of more help

btw, check out a song i wrote. maybe you'll get inspired https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1155915&highlight=escape+to+mars