I am putting my amazing stagg g-force flying v up for sale I will post pics if any1 is interessded because I am doing this from my mobile in school right now.
This guitar is just insane I fell in love with it immediately just like you will my favourate part about it is the paint job and genaral body of this guitar constisting of 4 exhuast pipes orange main colour and black and white checkers down the middle of the body have a look on google images it looks amzing especially in a classic flying v shape but by far the humbucker pick ups are outstanding you will get x1 jack to jack cable x1 guitar strap. X1 guitar also auite a few books with tabs etc. . I will be looking for around £95.00 p&p I am also selling my out of box ZOOM effect pedal with around 65 sound effects. i will be selling that for around £ 35 . I am just selling this because I needed to repay money what people can't pay me back please pm me if you are interessted. Sorry that this is quite long I just really hate detentions

that sounds VERY reasonable...that's around $230 in america, so. how much would shipping cost from the upper peninsula of Michigan, US to wherever you live?
more than its worth. he lives in the UK, across the pond.
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