Can anybody share a great wiring diagram for my project?

Squire Strat SSH with lots of tone options - Help
The H is a SC Hotrails w 5 wires.

I'm looking to go from the Strat bell tones sound to a distortion humbucker and what ever else I can get out it.

I want one master volumn, one master tone. dont know what to do with the 3rd pot.

looking for/need suggestions on a wiring diagram.
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woops - looks like I need a USA parts place.

i just realized that the gain circuit will distort the neck & mid pup so I guess a gain circuit is out of the question. I should just go with a hot rails on the bridge. that has enough distortion and it wont mess up the bell tones on the other pups.

now I need a really sweet wire diagram for an SSS with a 5 wire hotrails in the bridge.