Me and my friends are going into highscholl and starting a band. I'm a pretty good guitar player and so is my friend but he can't playall of the stuff I play. We need some song suggestions to practicest band practice. Here's my list so far.

Living after midnight- judas priest
Enter sandman-metallica
Symphony of destruction-megadeth
Crazy train-ozzy ( only if I can nail the solo 100% correctly)
Raining blood-slayer (maybe. I think it's east but I don't know if me and my friend can play it together.

I LOVE iron maiden but what are some easy songs to play. I was thinking aces high. I don't really want to play run to the hills though.
once you get the way down the four horsemen is a good one, so is seek and destroy.. both from metallica. and you can't go wrong with dissident aggressor from judas priest
Nice, quite a standard list. If you're looking for some easy Iron Maiden, I'd suggest Wildest Dreams, Different World, Invaders or the song Iron Maiden, those aren't too difficult, if you can play the solos.

As far as other bands go, it seems you like classic stuff, so I'd try some Lizzy Borden, Annihilator or Axel Rudi Pell. Crush 40 may be a good band for you to cover as well, I'd suggest Open Your Heart or What I'm Made Of.
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I suggest you take out Enter Sandman, and replace it with Master of Puppets or Ride the Lightning. Also learn The Trooper for Maiden.
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I suggest you take out Enter Sandman, and replace it with Master of Puppets or Ride the Lightning. Also learn The Trooper for Maiden.

What he said.

Nobody wants to hear you play Enter Sandman. Even my brother who is a drummer can play that song. Good to pratice with your buddy? Sure, but use it as a song to get your timings down together, but don't play it live.

AS for Iron Maiden, Aces high would be great or anything off of Powerslave.

Since you are into metal why don't you look into maybe some modern metal stuff?

Skeletonwitch I bet would be right up your ally.
Raining Blood is overdone, do something else ... like Bloodline.
The Wicker Man is a good Iron Maiden song to do, it's not very tough, but it'll be hard finding a 100% accurate tab for the solo out there. And you might have to tune the guitars down a step or so, unless your singer has an incredible vocal range.
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Thanks for the help guys. I totally forgot about seek and destroy. We practice that at band practice. I'm also gonna replace enter sandman with master of puppets and also add the song iron maiden by iron maiden. I've already searched tthis thread before and people like deanguitarist39 said that he was playing hangar 18 and holy wars. You guys helped me allot thankyou
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