From the samples of me 70 the boss still has that metal tone which i dont like. I would go for the pod.
the distortion on the Boss is pretty bad, but the rest is really good. No idea about the Pod
I don't know about a POD XT, but I own the POD X3 Live and test drove the ME70 for a week. The POD won hands down.
I have a POD XT and I use it to record (I play metal) and people are always complimenting my tone which shows you can get really awesome metal tones out of it (i'm only 15 and I am not a professional sound guy but the POD is simple and straight forward to get awesome tones)
If you want samples of the tones you can get outta the POD XT all of the songs on my profile are recorded with my POD just so you can get an idea of what it sounds like
People have been using the Pod for metal for quite a while. Boss has always had fizzy distortion tones with their COSM modeling. If it's metal the XT is the clear winner against Boss.