I've been asked to play some more acoustic, and last night picked up a nice Takamine G series acoustic/electric off Craigslist. I don't have an acoustic amp and it will be played through my pedalboard to a PA system.

I tried it last night at home on a Peavey Renown amp. The Peavey Renown is a pretty vanilla sounding amp without much of a voice of it's own, they work great with multi effects and amp modeling. Anyways I've always heard that reverb & chorus works good with acoustic electric guitars, but I don't know what else is out there or typical EQ settings for a PA system. I had to cut the treble & mids way down, turn up the bass halfway, and max the gain on the built in preamp for it to sound right. Adding a touch of chorus & compression seemed to improve the tone a lot.

What effects will work good with an acoustic/electric, and are there any "guidelines" for setting up the EQ for use with a PA?

Boost the mids and bass, roll off the trreble, and add a touch of reverb and chorus. That's always worked for me ... although a lot will depend on your preamp and the PA you're using (not to mention the room's acoustics). Best bet? Get to the gig early and do a proper sound check.