I just received this black Epiphone Junior today and I was wondering if you fellows could help me identify the year and the exact model and all that.

I have 4 pictures of it and I will be glad to answer any questions.

The bridge/stoptail is not the original, it's a Schaller.
The tuners are Grovers.

Your help in this would be greatly appreciated.
Epi Junior full.jpg
Epi Junior body.jpg
Epi Junior headstock.jpg
Epi Junior serial.jpg
Looks like a Epiphone Junior 1957 edition to me

with a swapped out briddge

but it IS a bolt on, Strange
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Does it have a serial number?

These sites might provide some info, although I can't guarantee their accuracy.


I can't tell you anything about it...but it looks awesome.

Kudos to you my fellow Junior player.
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I'm guessing it was a $120 bolt-on humbucker Junior with the pickup removed, refitted for a P-90 with other wood use to fill the holes(Similar to how David Gilmour filled the trem routing on The Black Strat when he switched back to a synchronized trem from a Kahler) and given a Gibson P-90.

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Well, thanks for the input. The serial number indicates it was made November of '97.

I'm doubting necrosis's solution because the guy said that he bought it brand new from Guitar Center, put on the new tuners and bridge, but fell in love with a Strat. Nothing about pickup replacement, routing, or painting.