I hope you like it - this is my first recording ever and was essentially just a practice session with Audacity that went really well - I had only used audacity for about 5 min before starting recording. Anyway, enjoy.

From the 2007 album The Shepherd's Dog

Iron & Wine - The Devil Never Sleeps
Wow, I absolutely love this, especially your voice (it's has the kind of soft/semi-breathy tone that I aim for). The lead guitar lines at the end really add to the song.

You might want to add more contrast between the two "voices" that are singing/alternating, like adding different effects, different e.q.s, to each of them etc.

my only complaint is that I get the feeling you are reading some of the lyrics as you are singing them, particularly on the lines "Blood on my chin, still chewing on a red rose".

edit: after listening to the original, I appreciate this cover much more, I love how you made it a mellow song. I think I like it better than the Iron and Wine version : D

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Cheers man. Yeah, someone told me about the contrast between the voices thing as well, so it's definitely something I'm going to do next time. And yeah, I have to hold my hand up, I wasn't reading from the lyrics, but a lot of them, particularly the counterpoint ones for the third verse I had learnt only a couple of hours before. I've really got to practice them next time

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I think I like it better than the Iron and Wine version

If I sigged praise, you can bet this would be in my sig I couldn't ask for higher praise. Well, maybe if Iron and Wine had said "Hey man, we like this better than our version." But I think that's too much to ask
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