Hi guys, I made a thread a while ago about this pedal but didn't have much succes
and now i require UG supreme wisdom as i'm pretty noob.

I am interested in purchasing the Ibanez Tube King distortion pedal, is it any good?
What are your opinions on it? Does it suck some of the tone of a nice tube amp?
Is it suitable to pushing a tube amp and does the inbuilt distortion sound good (i play some old metal so i need some fair amount of gain and still want to switch to the clean chanel on a ONE chanel tube amp)
Can it do Metal and Rock fairly well, what about other styles?
Please give me some good advice and not as much on other options as here in my country we cant get other nice and boutique pedals like Fulltones etc, unless you import them yourselves which would cost a fortune...

Rock on!
I got a Laney LC 15-R, its pretty good upgrade from my Roland Cube and has some nice tones. But in the future i want to upgrade the speaker to a better Celestion and the tubes as when cranked the highs are a bit harsh and the amp farts a bit (and also much feedback but thats to be expected ]
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Its a All tube amp, and i play it trough a Cort EVL Z4 with Passive EMG's HZ. I like The Scorpions, Judas Priest, Metallica, Iron Maiden, Helloween and some punk (Bad Religion,Ramones,Offspring) if that helps too. I bought a Boss OS-2 but i don't really like it. Its ok to push my amp into metal but if i want to switch to clean , (its a ONE CHANEL TUBE AMP and i need to switch to clean sometimes) first of all it doesnt have enouph gain and then it sounds AWFULL, it makes me want to puke.....
So the guy at the store told me that i can trade in my BOSS OS-2 (without losing one cent on it) and pay the extra to get the Ibanez Tube King which is + expensive but he promised me that its amazing. so just want to make sure its worth it before putting the extra cash.
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