If you are A) an Metalhead B)in for some spamming fun. your welcome here!

So i was just browesing Youtube when some guy was spamming hate comments at Metal vids... Well if he dislikes Metal thats his opinion get over it (thats probably what most of you are thinking at this point). But when i read his description it said:

''Metal Head- Very closed minded assholes with a passion for anything relating to heavy metal. Anything that is not related to such disgusting garbage will annoy them Causing Metalheads to attack anything else with intense hatred.Metal heads are ***s who hate REAL music. (The evidence for this is in how militantly they support all things metal sounding while badmouthing the **** out of anything that isn't metal.''

This kinda pissed me off, when i saw the rest of his comments and other stuff i wanted to comment on his channel, but then i had the most briliant idea: THE PITT!

Lets just spamm this guy to death thats better than just having me and some other random ppl posting ''Fuck you!'' stuff :P

So, love Metal? or just want to have some fun? have your way

here''s his channel:

look at his name ffs!
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As someone who loves metal, but also loves tons of other music [seriously, only two of my 5 bands are anywhere near 'heavy'].
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