Ok guys, this is killing me. Awhile back, i stumbled upon a riff that i recognized while noodling on my guitar. I know it's a classic rock song, i just don't know the name or the artist. It's killing me! I even asked my dad who is a classic rock junkie and he recognized it but didn't know the name either. The riff is on my profile and it's named "classic rock song". Keep in mind, this is probably not the key the original is in and i'm sure i didn't even play it right. When I stumbled upon it, I just knew it was familiar sounding. It's not the whole song, just a piece of the main riff if i remember correctly.

Thanks for the help!
Start Me Up
Your mother likes it ruff, Trebeck.
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I think its just one of those riffs which sounds like its been don before. It sounds vaguely like start me up but i cant think of anything closer than that.