HI all i need to alter the action on on my guitar but when i screw the bolts are the back nothing happens and the tremlo is all the way back please help me!
the screws to alter the action of an edge 3 are on the front on the guitar, on either side of the tremolo, on the pickup side of the tremolo itself. there are only 2: one on the bass side, one on the treble side.
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What kind of guitar?
What bolts did you adjust?

You can raise lower all the strings at once by turning the pivot screws (at the edge of the tremolo plate towards the pickups) counter-clockwise THE SAME AMOUNT. To lower the strings, turn both screws clockwise.

When you change string height you also are changing the tension, so retune before you re-adjust the spring-plate (inside the back of the guitar). The goal is to get the tremolo plate level (equally spaced) with the body of the guitar.

The process is somewhat interactive, so set the height right. Then retune, adjust the spring-plate, retune, etc.

The Ibanez website also has dimensions for setting up a guitar, including the tremolo. The above is a summary of what some of the changes required are.