What do you think of them ?

And I don't mean bands like U2, who basically talk about politics in between songs. I mean bands whose lyrics ACTUALLY deal with politics...RATM style and so forth.

Personally, if a band is going to try and pull that **** off, it better offer a compelling perspective or have an element of keen insight rather than spewing useless rhetoric like ''WAR R BAD''

That, and the music BETTER be ****ing great.

Good example - Sacred Reich

Bad example - Megadeth (sometimes)
They bore the hell out of me.

I cannot remember the last time a band had something new and fresh to say regarding politics.
sometimes they are a bit hypocrit so I guess most of them sell out cause it's "cool" to bash the gouvernement
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If it's done with feeling and not for the sake of being anarchistic then yes.

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I like the one by Linkin park (hands held high) about bush and the war but thats about it ... its quite a touching song
Megadeth tries too hard to be politically active.

Other bands do it subtly but it hits you hard, like Testament, Annihilator, etc.
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Pink Floyd the Final Cut is pretty interesting.
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Does Strike Anywhere count?
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i wouldn't mind them if they were few and far in between...too many bands try to be political and few bands can pull it off without sounding retarded.

but anyway, politics isn't really my favorite song topic
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The entirety of The Resignation by the Rx Bandits was pretty politically charged and it was a great album.
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RHCP up to BSSM.

Lots of hip hop, but my guess is you don't care. If you do care however, I'd be glad to list a few of the best artists with socio-political themes in their music.
Hmm.. I'm pretty sure that Bad Religion does.

Oh and the Dead Kennedys.

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RHCP up to BSSM.

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If it's done with feeling and not for the sake of being anarchistic then yes.

This. I think State Radio is pretty much the best at it, even though no one knows who they are....
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better in their music than between songs... if it's in their music it's at least an artistic representation...

between songs it's just taking advantage of the people who came to hear you play music... not listen to you push an agenda
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Not really bothered. Don't see a reason why bands shouldn't be political. Depends on what kind of views they advocate though.
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This. I think State Radio is pretty much the best at it, even though no one knows who they are....

*raises hand*

I'm one person that knows who State Radio are!

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