So I picked up a Genz Benz Cab 2x12 in a trade for my Fender Metalhead amp head off of craigslist. Been looking for something a bit more portable compared to a 4x12 and also something to put in the living room rather than my man cave. And with the purchase of the 5150 head, my other amp became obsolete so I've been looking for a way to get rid of it.

This little ****er has got balls!!! Ported for extreme low end and the 2 12's are angled a bit from each other for more projection. Brought it to a band session yesterday and this thing kills. Not to mention that the black and silver on both the head and cab complement each other quite well.

Ahhh no more trying to stuff a 4x12 in a Chevy Cavalier. This baby makes life so much easier

I put a quick ****ty clip up on my profile that does not do this cab justice. Some scratchiness. So much better in person but I felt I might as well put something sloppy up

Thanks for checking my new gear out!!

Clip in the profile. Pics down below.


I had that cab, but I think this is an older one because mine looked different. I also used it with a 6505/5150, and it killed.
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Happy New Cab Day!!
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That is one nice rig you have there! Happy new cab day!
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Thanks Guys

dcdossett - You might of had the newer one or even an older one. I think I have an older one as well. The newer one on MusiciansFriend just have one GB Flex logo on the grill a bit below the center in the middle of the speakers. But yeah, paired with a 5150, it's an excellent duo to piss the neighbors off all the way down the block

Oosh - Thanks man! And to think that half a year ago I was playing out of a Fender Frontman 212 and a metalzone pedal

Thanks Gregs. You always keep me busy with your new gear days so I thought I would throw one in there. And thanks WTF!!?? as well..

acdclandon - I have no effin clue . When I get the time I'll take it apart and see. All I know is that they sound GOOD GOOD GOOD with this head.
Nice! I really want one of those, but I've been thinking of pairing it up with either a Mesa or Orange 4x12.
Looks a lot different than the one I had too.

Great cab, probably shouldn't have gotten rid of mine
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Looks a lot different than the one I had too.

Great cab, probably shouldn't have gotten rid of mine

Yeah, I'm thinkin mine is an older version cab.