wanna hear some rather unusual stuff? please check out a few songs i've recorded at home. the genre is hard to define, maybe ambient post rock. ow, and please listen to MOEBIUS and ECHO. the beats preview is ment for rappers, but feel free to check it out too. i'd be happy to receive feedback on the songs!

thanks, peter

for those about to rock.. we salute you
Beats- Didn't listen

Moebius- I like the main riff, but when does it start? You're doing the same thing over and over so much to the point where I got bored of the song and moved on

Echo- I like it. Again, get's a little boring.

These aren't really iPod songs or car songs. More like background music IMO
thanks for the reply! yeah thats right, i forgot to mention i made those two songs for a theatre play. (it's written in slovene, stil have to translate it) :P my bad.
for those about to rock.. we salute you
first of all, i have to admit i really enjoyed the beats! especially the classical one. well done

as for the other two songs, i believe they would only be suited in combination with a movie or something, since they get repetitive. but, considering you recorded the songs for a play, i guess it's ment to be that way. anyway good work man! keep it up.

btw how exactly did you get the expanding violin-like sound on moebius? just curious..
thx for the comment on the beats i know that the other songs would be better suited as a background. thats what they were made for

i think i know which sound you mean. i just played the melody backwards and used a reverb pedal. later on i reversed the part on my computer as simple as that.
for those about to rock.. we salute you
hehe, nice! i was trying to do the same thing by messing with the volume knob, but it kinda didnt work that well

have you tried to send the beats to a rapper? call me a sellout but you could get some money for stuff like this
Wow, I really like, particularly moebius, it's a really interesting take on the post rock genre. It didn't seem too repetitive to me, but then I love my ambient and shoegaze. Do a bit of a quiet/loud/quiet/loud mogwai style structure and it'd definitely be the sort of thing I'd buy. The beat is HUGE, how did you get it? Is it just mega compressed?