k so im typing on my psp bcz my pc is busted and i have a ? i am getting new strings today i ussually have 9s but i need somethin heavier due to me being lower than half step most of the time I am usually in drop c i tune all the way b standard to norma or e standard look at some of the bands in my sig or profile and recomend me a guage thx in adv
i use ghs guitar boomers .11 guage. i can bend a double stop at the 2nd fret in standard tuning but can tune to b and it wont feel like spaghetti.
id say use 12's.....must have took you a while to type that on your psp lol
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you might need 12's but 13's and 14's are a bit heavy, i know that michael amott uses a set of 13 - 56 strings and he detunes down three whole steps.
For Drop C I recommend .11s or .12s Ernee Ball Power Slinkys are what I use.
For E standard I recomment .9s or .10s I use Ernee Ball Regular Slinkys Coz I will bend way too much if I use 9s.

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id say use 12's.....must have took you a while to type that on your psp lol

Yea probably 12

Typing on a PSP isnt that hard. But pages take forever to load!!

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Regular Acoustic strings (.013 to .056) will allow you to tune to B while retaining tension. Phospor-Bronze Strings have a lower K-coefficient ("springiness"), so they come to regular tension at a much lower rate of vibration. Your Truss Rod will probably need to be adjusted. Should be a clockwise turning to compensate for heavier strings. D'Addario Jazz Mediums are the same guage, but they're bright steel and you can tune them higher. Then again, we've already established that I'm crazy.

12's really are sufficient though, and probably cheaper.
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