thats some pretty good stuff you got going on. Very Progessive Ambientish stuff. Psycadellicccaaa!

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Thank you for your words of wisdom.
I really like this. You're all lucky you found each other to jam with, I'm still solo. I wish you had some more vocals, but the instrumental sounds good on its own. Chicago... ever heard of a man named Ryan Ruehlen? He moved from where I live now to Chicago and played in a psych rock band here, 'My Uncle is a Cannibal' and up in chicago I think he hooked up with this chick and they're doing a project called 'Pervertable Tongues'. Off on a tangent there...

But hey, I'm into the whole psychedelia thing myself... please check it out!
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that was very interesting and i really enjoyed it. what i liked about it was that the rhythms contradicted each other in a good way with the guitar playing mostly on the down beat and the bass having a different rhythm that wasn't as heavy on the down beats. what i didn't like was the tone of the guitar but that is just simply my taste. if you like it that way then there is nothing wrong with it. keep on making more with that sort of play on rhythms and maybe experiment with new effects and possibly instruments.

i wrote a short song if you wanna take a listen/crit. https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1157112