I'm having a pirates vs ninjas themed 18th birthday party and need some themes for both.

The obvious song for ninjas is "Kung Fu Fighting" but I'm stuck for pirate songs. "I'm on a Boat" has been banned by my parents because children will be present so some help would be appreciated

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Look up the bands Swashbuckle and Alestorm. They're Pirate metal.
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Wenches and Mead - Alestorm

and pretty muh everything else by them
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Mad Caddies-Weird Beard


Flogging Molly has some good ones that are mostly kid friendly:

Salty Dog


Seven Deadly Sins


Cruel Mistress


Queen Anne's Revenge

Alestorm, Running Wild and Swashbuckle.
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As I said before, children present, so maybe something a little less metal! lol

When there's something strange in your neighbourhood...who ya gonna call?!

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If you're not up for metal, try "Shiver My Timbers" from Muppet Treasure Island. It seems like it would be childish, but Hans Zimmer pleases no matter what.

For ninjas, I know that DragonForce has a ninja-themed side project, but that's all I got.
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