I think I have arthritis; something feels wrong in my hand. Seems like the joints are kind of stiff. Is there a way to get rid of it? I can't picture life without my guitar.
See a doctor. Try taking a few days off guitar and see if that helps. Honestly how are we supposed to know what you have?

A thing to remember is always to warm up before playing, and stretching out when you're done.
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Not that it makes much of a diff as this could happen to anyone but some info is always nice.

How old are you?
How long have you been playing?
How much do you play?
Do you have a job thats hard on the hands? Manual labor, something repetitive?
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im 19
ive been playing for 7 years
i play everyday for hours lets say 3 as an estimate
i use my hands a lot at work
Well if you're nineteen, odds are you don't have osteoarthritis (unless you've had some form of hand trama in you line of work) though you could have some other form of arthritis. seeing your doctor should easily diagnose the pain in your hand (if it's your wrist, it might even be carpal tunnel, which would be pretty nasty for a guitarist I'd imagine). Whatever the doctor tells you, you'll need to take a few days off the guitar and let the injured hand relax. If it's swollen, throw some ice on it and take Tylenol for the pain. Long term, your doctor might suggest a prescription or it might just be an ache that will go away. Regardless of what happens, be sure to stretch out your hand and warm up the wrists before playing. (If you're online a lot, and you can't type properly, that might put some undesired strain on the hand as well).

Feel better, hope this helped
If you can, talk to your doctor. They're more knowledgeable than the users here.

Take a few days of rest. They could simply be stiff from excess, like stiff muscles after rigorous physical exercise. If it still persists, like I said, the doctor is the best choice.

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Sounds like carpal tunnel syndrome. You get it in your wrist/fingers from repetitive tasks.

It's not uncommon for guitarists. I have it and have had tests and I'm seeing my doctor this month for the results.
It's not curable but it is manageable. I have a friend with tendonitis and he still plays guitar.

Go to the dr. You'll probably have to take it easy for a while, but with the right meds and proper stretching before you play, it can be manageable.