ok so i used audacity to record a tab on power tab. i used the "what u hear" setting.

i got it recorded and everything and i went to export it as a MP3 and i filled everything out and the a window popped up saying

Audacity needs the filename lame_enc.dll to create MP3's

what do i do?
Download it.

Just google lame_enc.dll and download the first one that doesn't look like a virus.
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I dont know where to get it, but I have a feeling that's something you have to pay for.
they actually tell you how and where to get it on Audacity's web site... Check their before coming here.
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Download the LAME mp3 encoder. I use it regularly, and for sound quality's sake you might even find yourself using it for more than Audacity conversions. It's a great free encoder that can be paired up with several programs. I use it paired with Exact Audio Copy.

Quote by ChucklesMginty
When I downloaded that, it never worked for me.

My PC is weird though..

Yeah, it takes a while to get it right. I think I even had to run a command prompt to get it up and running.
I remember having this problem, a simple file search can solve it.
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