the numbers in brackets are palm muted.
now im really struggling on this thing. is this one of those practice makes perfect or is there a way to do it easier? all the notes are semi quavers.
You'll just have to start slowly switching from palm muting to not palm muting, working up your speed.

You'll get it .
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Start by playing the lick at a tempo slow enough that you can play it without making any mistaking say around 60 beats per minute. From here increase the Bpm by 2 perfect it at that tempo (62) then reduce the bpm by 1 so that it is 61. Do this process of moving back and forward through the tempos till you reach the speed the lick is played at in the song it is taken from or whatever speed you want to bring it up to really. This may seem like a long and laborious process but with patience and dedication you will get it. THis is absolutely the best way to learn licks like this especially if you want to play them cleanly. Also when your are practicing be sure to hold the pick as far down as you can without muting the string and also use a fairly thick pick. Also make sure to use small picking motions as this is important for when you try to play the lick at a higher tempo. Also make sure you are using alternate picking up-down up-down etc.
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Alternate pick & practice

Do both and you'll get better
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You'll just have to start slowly switching from palm muting to not palm muting, working up your speed.

You'll get it .
This. Just start slow enough that you can play it accurately, even if that seems really slow. Once you get it clean you'll be able to speed up.

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ok cheers guys the songs jordan by buckethead, i got it out of a thread and its suppose to be a intermediate peice. i thinkj its hard...
cmon thats so easy
just use the alternate picking and a practice
im sure you will get it
If it's from Jordan, it's probably killswitched, not palm muted. At least I think so. What part in the song is that at? Also I definitely wouldn't call this an intermediate piece...there's some crazy finger nubbing going on in the solo. Good luck with this.
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