Me and a couple friends are doing the talent show but we don't know what song to do? We've thought of For Whom The Bell Tolls - Metallica, Nothing Else Matters - Metallica, or something by Jack White or the Raconteurs. Any suggestions?
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No idea, but only do one song per artist. Otherwise you look like posers.
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I would say play "Enter Sandman"
tbh if its a school show then thats probably the only Metallica song that the audiance will all know
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Do an original. Thats what my band did, and I think everyone was more into the fact that we can write songs than they were into the music. Great reception either way.
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everyone loves back to the future...and its pretty simple
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do something that everyone knows. maybe do one of your own then a short cover if you have the time.

+1 to johnny b goode
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Some classics..
Smoke on the water
Enter sadman
Voodoo Child
Purple Haze
Black Dog

Take something alot of people know, will help. Don't go out and play a weird structured song of a good artist (even if the song is awsome!) if it sounds weird @ first or is too much "not in" the mood of your school/place where you play/ your style..
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