I have a krank rev jr, it has a line out and just wondered whats needed to record from it? i have a line 6 ux2 but to record from that i have to use a tone from that, i want the tone from my krank, cheers
Easiest thing would be to mic up the amp and use the mic input on the toneport.
hey, what software are you using? If youre using the Gearbox software that comes with the ux2, there is a setting that you can choose to disable all tones from it; and therefore leaving you with your amps' natural tone. However, it would sound much better mic'd up as crossy mentioned.
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Yeah, probably just mic the amp. You could use the line out, too (it would be easier to set up, but line outs usually don't sound as good), but you will usually get the best sound from micing the amp.
Need a website? I can make you one for pretty cheap.
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ok coool cheers guys, i just use podfarm, i fink i may have gearbox though, i will take a look. cheers