Hello pit.

I have been here for a while, and throughout my time here, we have harnessed our hive mind powers to help win t-shirts, put a brother's design on a t-shirt, win band t-shirts, helped a fellow pit band put their mark on a t-shirt, and other t-shirt related rewards.

Now I ask you to do a thing for me, (and my non-UGer friend).

I would like you to give his articles a page-view boost. Simple, go to this link:


And watch the video, and read the article. The video is quite informative, and soothing if you have the munchies, and the article is kind of funny.
Just view them :P.

here it is, view those.

in each article there is this recommendation and comments thing.
If you want you can click on the recommend button, and post a comment. No registration necessary.

Thank you so much for this

And if any body has an associated content, and want page views on it too, please post it here, and i will edit it into the OP.

Thanks again.
(and thanks to the people who do it more than once :P)

Go to this link,
watch video, read article.
(or least click on the link, then let it load, then close)
Recommend of desired.

Bacon and Salami garment!
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The difference between those schemes and this one? This one seems to just be page view whoring.


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I like this thread

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you're probably better off mobilizing the personal army of /b/ to do your dirty work...

THanks, you know what? maybe i should!

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What is the purpose of this exactly?

To help my friend 'John Dear' make a few pennies.
(I was the crappy camera man.)