Any particular way to learn the fretboard (each note)? Rather than by just memorizing it one by one?

Watch his bitesize theory part 1 - you can find your way around quickly using octaves and other intervals if you just know a few of the notes on the neck.

Once you know your way around pretty well, google fretboard warrior.
Choose a random note, say F#.

Find that note on each string (6th string, 2nd fret; 5th string, 9th fret etc).

When you've gone through all 12 notes on all strings a few times, start a metronome at 40bpm.

Start again with finding the notes, but play each note on the click without pausing.

Up the tempo to 41bpm.

What I do is try and find the C Major scale (C D E F G A B) by coming up with a random note in my head and finding it, one string at a time. From there it's pretty easy to find a note sharp/flat of those, just a half step.