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Above, the blackened sky
tells a wary prophets tale
of another rough night
the somber clouds have been
burned and charred
by the quiet rage of a weeping angel

A girl shivers as the wind tickles her bare arms
tempted and infuriated
by the quiet rage of a hateful angel
the trees shiver with her
and she offers a silent prayer
she was once protected by her holy guardian
even angels abandon their duty

Fallen autumn leaves dance in the waking breeze
unaware of the fury that is to come
driven to vengeance,
the wind picks up
woken and stirred
by the quiet rage of a broken angel

Above, the clouds begin to split
as she pleads with her wayward protector,
raindrops fall lightly on her bare arms
they feel like needles
filed sharp
by the quiet rage of her weeping angel

God's Demon

(spoken)We would like to welcome you to the portal to the underworld.
Watch out for the fire…She’s a real demon HAHAHAHA

This city’s built of blood and fire
Round and round I spin
Looking for a way out of here
Then I saw her
God’s demon, god’s demon

She was the demon
The demon of forget-me-nots and second-thoughts
God’s demon, god’s demon
Walking through the fire
Can’t stand to be alone___________

She is god’s demon


A year of love so filled with hate
Peace and war in 50 states
Yet one good thing throughout the war
Was the records at the Music Store
LBJ was out of their
Hippies were without a care
The King was back before things got sour
Whilst The Dead rocked the flower Power
A year with all the greats alive
Jim, Jimmi, Joplin, John, and Paul to name just five
So through all the ups and downs
All the smiles and all the frowns
It was a year with change, courage, and more
And greatly influenced culture, politics, and music for sure
Whether you fought against the war with your peaceful sign
Or proudly took your draft card in line
Always remember '69!
I'm glad to see this is up...can't wait to find out who wins.
Today I feel electric grey
I hope tomorrow, neon black
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As usual Natrone's mouth spouts general win.

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man, Natrone you're some kind of ninja I swear

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i realize the longshot that is. little giant to humongous one.

Rest In Peace Stevie Ray
hey, man. thanks a lot for running this month's comp, really appreciate it. and voted.
Blue was kind of annoying, but I enjoyed reading it the most.
Normally, green. but today. I feel like going blue.
Promises meant a lot back then.
Green for me.

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