im looking for a distortion pedal around 50 dollars. i want to get an as i lay dying august burns red type sound. right now i am considering the

danelectro cool cat metal distortion

digitech death metal distortion

delta lab md1 metal distortion

line 6 uber metal module

Do you have any experience with these or can you reccomend another? thanks
i would personally get a tubescreamer type pedal and just push the front end of your windsor... hard.

and get a different cab if you have the stock windsor cab.
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TS9DX specifically

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are you gonna be playing clean, with your windsor? cuz if you are you cant push your tubes with the tubescreamer....i i would recommend the TL-2 my friend has one and i tried it with my windsor,,it didnt sound too bad..i actually liked it
Quote by CullenT

TS9DX specifically

its out of his budget tho

i suggest a Bad Monkey
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for that price range a bad monkey or a dod 250 to mod
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