So i'm looking to upgrading my current gear...

I play mostly hardcore and punk (like Alexisonfire, Rise Against, Leathermouth) right now, but i also play some metalcore and numetal (like BFMV, Metallica, Haste the Day, Norma Jean, Seether), probably stick with hardcore primarily though.

I'm looking at getting a 15 watt Peavey Viper amp and most likely an Ibanez guitar
I have about $500 CA to spend, but i can also go over some if it means that i get a better deal.

any recommendations? thanks in advance!
Peavey is NEVER a bad idea for your taste in music, that doesn't really need to be changed unless you want something louder than a practice amp, the 15 viper is more than fine for bedroom practice.

As far as a guitar, you can get so many suggestions, and there are tons of choices for your musical taste, maybe post a few links and see which one we recommend the most?
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trying to stay away from gibson/ epiphone

and i do some gig's, only small stuff though. so something kinda loud and showy would be nice

the store i'm looking at has alot of Ibanez, i also have access to PRS, Schelter, Fender, Squire and BC Rich