I've played the supersonic and it fits my needs but not my budget. Has anyone played the Haze? How does it compare to the supersonic?

Any other suggestions?

30-50 W, Good cleans and smooth overdrive (I want to avoid pedals).
I play things from hard rock to blues so I'd like something with tonal options.
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Check Gabel, he's played the Haze.
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I am not a huge fan of the gain on the super, awesome cleans tho. Have not tried the Haze. Try a Kustom Coupe 36 also.
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Yah, I've heard people call the Haze an MG with tubes
I haven't played one yet, but i hope not.
the Super has awesomecleans, but the gain is kinda.... well... Fender-y.....

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The Fender Supersonic is amazing. Definitely try looking for used deals or something so it meets your budget, or just save up for it.
i like the dirty tones on the supersonic, but not the cleans. different from what others have said, but thats my opinion.
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Chea_man is the best.
I haven't played a haze yet, but judging by price range, and the two probably top competing amp companies of those price ranges, the supersonic seems to be on a completely different level, I like every thing about the supersonic, I might get one at some point, but probably not because of money and I need a quiet amp that sounds good, but I have a feeling the haze does not live up to the same quality range as the supersonic
For those I say the Fender. The Haze head is pretty good, but the combo wasn't as good and the cab it comes in is pretty bad. The Supersonic is an amp I like, so defiently wrth a shot. I'd also look into an Egnater Rebel 20 and a Blackheart.
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