Heya guys!
Longtime reader here, I never actually took the time to contribute to this fine site, but I'm in need of a little help from you. I've been playing guitar for like half a year now, and I absolutely love it, so I've decided to make the big step of buying an electric guitar.
My budget is around 400$-450$, but I'm in Europe, so guitars tend to go for a bit more than in the US. I've narrowed down my choices to only a few guitars, and I'd like to hear your opinions on them.
Ibanez Jet King 4
Epiphone G-400 or G-400 Custom
Epiphone Dot
And finally, the Squier Classic Vibe 50s Tele

Oh yeah, I play garage rock and blues mainly, a bit of classic rock here and there, but I'm not really into metal.
The Squier and the Dot are very different, tone-wise. The Dot will have the warmest, roundest sound of all of them, while the Tele will be the brightest and twangiest. The G-400 will be in between, with a warm-but-punchy sort of sound. I haven't heard the Jet King.

I'd say either the Dot or the Tele will be best for your styles, but since they're so different, it's hard to choose one without trying them out first.
Thanks guys. Of course I'd never buy before I've tried, I'm heading to the music store and trying them tomorrow. Though I'd love to hear some more about the Jet King
I've yet to find an Epi worth playing. The G 400 will pull your arm off trying to keep it up. The Dot has an ok reputation.
I don't know anything about the Jet and I personally don't think a Tele will cover what you need, tonewise.
What will meet your needs is a Les Paul. Vintage brand can be had for around £200 or up to £300 if you fancy the Lemon Drop, which is an artificially aged tribute to the famous guitar of Peter Green and Gary Moore. I don't think I'd pay extra for someone to put holes, dents and scratches on my new guitar but a lot would. They do sound amazing.
Have you budgeted for an amp and the bits and pieces (cables, strap etc)?
Anyway, Dolphin in Liverpool are cheapest. Reverb Stores are in several cities and Richard's Guitars is just getting stocks in if you are in the Midlands. He'd be a bit more expensive but a proper check and setup is included so the value is still there.
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Thanks for the answer!Well I can't really afford an amp now, so I'll probably buy it later on. I've been checking them out recently though, and I'm thinking along the lines of the Vox VT-30 or the Roland Cube 30x.
And how does this Vintage brand compare to the rest? I haven't really found anything about 'em. Are they reliable?
Regarding the shops, I'm in Hungary, so travelling off to Liverpool might not be worth it after all


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