well, my band mate needs a new amp. he likes the following bands:

a7x, arctic monkeys, queens of stone, nirvana, crossfade

he needs something that can do very good cleans, and he can spend a maximun of $700 USA.


It has to be new!
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Is he willing to go used or does it have to be new?

Those bands you listed have very different tones - if he's trying to emulate those bands then he should go with a modeling amp like a Line 6 Flextone or a Peavey Vypyr.

However, if he is looking for something to create his own tone for your band then we will need to know what genre(s) your band mostly plays.
He's shooting himself in the foot if he cant buy used. But as for a new suggestion

Traynor 50 Blue + OD pedal. It has great cleans for the price and not a bad drive channel. No mesa or 6505 but still very chunky imo

Edit: Crapshoot. they raised the prices of it...
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Although I would strongly urge him to go used to the flextone II which I personally think sounds a little better
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ya, i strongly recommend your friend try used. there is a Randall RM50 on ebay for $700. it comes with two modules, a SL+ and XTC. It is a great amp, and for that price is a great deal. Brand new, that would cost you $1400+. And if the modules aren't clean enough, then he can always buy a new module for $200, instead of buying a new amp for way more. he can sell one of the modules to get a blackface or super V. tell him to try the Randall forum; they usually have great deals on modules, and most everyone on there is extremely reliable.

it is definitely worth checking out. it is extremely versatile and user friendly.

good luck.
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Behringer Gmx 212 four channels wicked clean AND THE BEST DISTORTION IF I DO SAY SO MY SELF plus it has the best 99 built in presets

Anyone else notice the irony with this guy?
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Like others have said, going used is his best route, but if he insists on buying new, then I would look into a Bugera combo. I haven't played the the Flextone, but from what I hear its decent. He could look into a Tech 21 Trademark or the Marshall Haze, but I've no-experience with either so
If he is willing to go used, then his best bet would be to find a Rectoverb combo, which does all the tones you listed quite nicely. There is also the Carvin Legacy, but any Carvin, really, would be a possible candidate. There is the JCM 2000 id Marshall is more your style; the old guitarist for Sum 41 used one. Have him check ebay or craigslist and just troll around for something in his price range, do his homework on it, and try it out.
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Anyone else notice the irony with this guy?

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