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13 29%
15 33%
9 20%
8 18%
Voters: 45.
Ok i have 4 brands i like but i wanna know what you guys think the best is.
Of course this is totally in your opinion.

Yeah guys these were my top 4 brands that i like i was just wondering which of the 4 you guys liked so stop hating on any of the brands.
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there aren't any better brands. you should actually compare ceratin guitar to certain other guitar. all guitars made by these brands are very similar.

anyway, i voted for ibanez (i really prefer Jackson and ESP, but that's the closest). Ibanez guitars can really do anything. you have RG's for metal and shred (but really versatile for anything because of the HSH and 5 way switch), you have SZ's and ART's for a more Gibson tone, you have Artcortes for semihollows and almost anything you can imagine.

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he said 4 brand that he like...
he might not like PRS.

but yeah shectar was like total fail
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Out of those, Fender and Gibson take the cake for me. But PRS ftw.
They are such different guitars though. I love my strat for all the strat things it does and my PRS for all the PRS things it does, and I want a Les Paul for the same reason. You can't call one best.
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Ibanez & Schecter = You have to really get the feel for that kind of guitar for it to fit.
Gibson = Great guitars, but the build quality has gone down a lot recently.
Fender = Good quality, even in their lower end models. Versatile, great guitars.

If this had been a few years ago, I'd have tied both Fender and Gibson.
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I voted Fender, but where's the PRS man? I want a PRS guitar so bad it isn't even funny.
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I'm with DeltaFunk
Are you talking about current models, everything the company has made, impact on the guitar market, absolute awesomest guitar, etc?

"Best Brand" I would have to give to Gibson just because they pretty much invented any shape besides a Strat. For most awesomest guitar (tone wise) I would give to Dean for the early 80's Baby models with the DiMarzio SD's.
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Vigier and Ibanez are a close 5th and 6th.

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I like Fender guitars, though I must say I own a G&L (which for those who don't know was a collaboration between George Fullerton and Leo Fender after he sold the actual Fender company). My G&L is very reminiscent of a Telecaster (Known as an ASAT Classic). Easily the best guitar I've ever played, ran a pretty high cost but is an excellent guitar. So I'll have to put my vote up for G&L as far as guitars go
you're missing so many different companies. and there's so many other threads about this (more detailed as well)
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I think just as important question that needs to be asked is... which guitar models are you looking at. Its kinda pointless to compare an Ibanez Gio to a MIA Strat.
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I hate all those brands with a burning Passion.

No Gretsch? Peavey? Jackson? Dean?
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This thread is insanely pointless and it's been done so many times before. I hate to be that guy but...

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