Ok so my dad is the manager of a computer division of a life insurance company and he decided that my brother and I were staying up to late on the internet so he has our internet configured so that every night from 12:01-5:30 am the only computer in the house that can reach the internet between those times is his (this is the computer that controls the network and router settings that we cant use, and it runs SUSE and Linux and Windows if that helps at all) and the rest of the computers cant reach the internet. They still find the signal but i believe he blocked the IP addresses (the upstairs computer, iPod Touch, Xbox 360, everything but his computer) so that they cant get to the internet at all. Does anyone know how i might be able to reverse or override this, and i am aware that ill most likely have to do it from his computer.

Any help is greatly appreciated as its really inconvenient, especially when i finish a paper or an email or something and have to wait until the next day to send it.
Erm, unblock your IP address, if you're planning on doing this from his computer.

Or better yet, change it, and then add it to an allowed list. If nothing else he'll think someone is stealing your Internet.


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Had this same problem happen to me when I was about 16... Silly bastard didn't realise I had his password.

Course I didn't really need it considering when I restarted the modem by unplugging the power and plugging it back in, it didn't re-activate the lock out... try that?
Yeah my dad did that a while ago, I search everywhere for a way round it, but found nothing.

So I suggest to do what I did, and get to midnight, then say you have a computer problem and needs the internet to fix it, if your dad has a heart at all, he will turn it on again to fix it, then hopefully, like my dad, he'll just forget to turn the blocking thingy back on.
its easy.

take a phone line, stick it into your computer.

56k dial-up
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