this is my first post, so sorry if i sound like a n00b

my only amp just broke.

so naturally im devastated.

the power supply is working, but no sound comes out.

the model is a marshall mg15cdr series.

ive had problems with loose connections before, and was able to fix them, but this one has me stumped, becuase i cant seem to find the conection that is broken.

when i hit the dbb switch, i get the ussual little bit more feedback, but other than that, none of the nobs affect the (small amount of)sound coming out.
Could be the instrument cable you're using. Try using a different cable and see if that helps.
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This might sound like the most stupid thing to say, but is your guitar volume up on your guitar? and are you plugging into the input rather than the headphone port? Trust me we have all done that a few times...
well i took it apart, didnt see what the problem was, put it back together, and it works fine.

i do think it was the cable tho

thanks for reminding me of the common sense athings that go wrong.

thanks guys