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Well I was going to, but since you're too impatient to wait, or too lazy to crit someone else's and politely ask them to crit yours in return, I strangely to not feel the urge to do so anymore.

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It was ok... Hard to give a real crit when there's only a handful of riffs strewn together with nothing but guitar. Maybe work on it some more and make a new thread? and be more polite?
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Its ok... Just just your everyday generic heavy metal attempt riff. Add drums, a good bassline and maybe a harmonized guitar and it would be alot better.

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Haha. UG's Chuck just said chuck. haha
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You should change the time signatures, because it sounds weird as it is now. Sounds like just some riffs together, work on the transition, add drums bass and rhythm, continue the song, and Crit Mine.