So I've been looking for an amp for nearly a year. I haven't found one that I liked except the VHT Sig:X. But it doesn't suit me well. I've been playing my GT-10 through some a Creative Speaker system. I've was using my own settings but I got bored and began experimenting with presets. I found 80s LOUD MS+OD1 which is P05-3 for those that have it. It's an Boss OD-1, some EQ, and a Marshall 1959I (I'm not sure which amp it's modeling). Everything is at noon and the gain is at mid. The funny thing is that the only Marshall that I liked was the JVM410, and just like the VHT, I didn't feel that it suited me well. I play mainly 80s type stuff (think Motley Crue, Poison, Ratt, Skid Row, Warrant) in D Standard. The amps I'm considering (but haven't tried) are the VHT Deliverance 60, Orange Dual Terror, Carvin V3, and Carvin X100B, Carvin Legacy II. I've tried Marshalls, Mesas, and Peaveys. I didn't really like any of them. I didn't think they were worth the money. Their signature tones just didn't blow me away for the prices. I don't need really high gain. I need something ballsy and fat. It also has to feel loud. I don't need a 100 watt monster, but it should feel like it has some power behind it. It should also be gigable. I rarely play clean. When I do, I usually just roll down the volume on the guitar. I don't need it to be versatile. It could be a one-trick pony as long as it's a good trick. It should have a good base tone. I don't want to spend months EQing the thing to find my perfect tone. A head will probably be best so I can just leave a cab at the practice place and just transport the head (I don't have a car so I'll be using public transportation and walking). I'll mainly be playing basswood and ash guitars through it. The Dual Terror is probably in the lead right now because it's portable and it has a lot of power amp options so I can easily make it feel like it's loud. Would that be a good option or should I look into something different? Is it the best option out of all of the ones I'm considering? The budget is about $1500 for the head.
The Dual Terror might be a bit dark for that.

Maybe check out a Laney VH100R?

EDIT: Ballsy and fat sounds more like a JCM 800... ever tried one?

Also, your post is a bit confusing. Did you try these amp modules on the GT-8 or did you play them in real life?
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I've tried the JCM 900 and 2000 but I've heard the 800. I just found that the signature Marshall tone is little too harsh and grainy for my taste. But I haven't turned any of those 100 and 120 watt heads I've tried higher than 3. I can't even see myself turning them up much louder without drowning out a drummer. To my understanding, tube amps lose that grainy characteristic when you reach power amp distortion. That's why the Dual Terror is ahead of the race. I need something that sounds great at a reasonable volume. The volume I normally play at is louder than I can scream over. Before I started using the GT-10, I was using a 60 watt solid state amp at half through 3/4 volume just for bedroom practice. It's about the same volume I need to be heard over my drummer.

I was considering the GH50L since I don't really need more than 1 channel and 100 watts. Paul Gilbert uses the GH100L and that's actually one of the tones I was going for. But I haven't been able to find one. I also haven't been able to find an Avenger to try out either. But it was definitely on the list of things I was interested in. I haven't been able to find any good clips online for those either.
WOW long post.......
anyways, I agree with Raijouta, try the Laney.

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Just so you know cranking the TT is pretty loud. I think it sounds great but I'd bet its as loud or louder than a 60 watt solid state amp. Just something to keep in mind. There is gonna be a lot of hate for the TT but play it for yourself. I personally really like it.
You should edit your post and put it into paragraphs it was hard on my eyes trying to read it. Anyways, if iwere you i'd just go around trying every british style amp in the market until you find your perfect one. It seems that you know exactly what you want with your tone and I don't really think our reccomendations are gonna get you the perfect tone for you, because only you have the idea of what u exactly want.
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You like the VHT but it doesn't suit you? Wtf does that mean?

good question. also, there's a lot of amps listed up there that really don't sound alike at all. smells fishy.