I heard this song a couple of times, and the refrain goes something like : "what can i dooo, to be with to yoooou'

Something like that ! Plz help!
Thanks, that narrows it down to 93% of all songs ever written.
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i can think of a few, - next to you by the police, next to you by offspring, and can you guess? next to you by anthrax.
"to be with to you?"

Is this not by a native English speaking group?


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hmmm... honestly, the vocals remind of RHCP ... <--- Here's a clue !

Dude... What can I do to be with you?

Look up on google or something.
No, it's not The Corrs. Well, i searched almost every site from google to various lyric sites.

I heard the song on the radio.

Thx for the help anyway, I'll find it someday :P