I haven't wrote a song in a while (mostly due to lack of inspiration), but I felt inspired to write a political and a philosophical song at the same time.

This is a song from the perspective of a soldier who left a family behind in his home country and him remembering about his childhood. It slowly evolves from him reminiscing, to him worrying about his problems at hand and his drained mental state. It also progresses him longing for an innocence he never truly had and him able to understand why it is that he's fighting in the first place. It ends with a spoken word out of the bible.

Bear in mind that I'm only 16 and this is one of the few songs I've actually written with the intent of recording it. Part of this is influenced by my natural angst and unwillingness to accept the world I'm about to be thrown into. The war described is more a metaphor for dealing with all the hardships of life that is to come for me. It's partly a love song for the woman I haven't met yet.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy this story about me, told through another character caught in the war

(/'s show measure breaks)

In the end//
We sit there//
Staring into space/
Living out of place/
We always said/ we'd do everything/
When we're older//
But older has come/ and the only thing we've done/
is grow gray///

I miss the nights/ when we'd lay together/
Just you and me/
Drifting into eternity/
On a cloud/ of cigar smoke/
and cheap bathroom cologne/
Thinking of all the things/ we've outgrown//

You traded your pompoms/ for oven mits/
I traded my guitar/ for an M16/
We traded our dreams/ for the life we'll never have/
We traded our lives/ for a meaningless death///

Life was easier//
When I chased you around the playground/
I miss our innocence/
In a time//
Before the war//
In a time//
of peace//

Shell shock holds me now/
I hear the screams/
I feel the searing pain/
Can this nightmare end?/
I just want to wake up/
Lying next to you/
I just want to be/
Home again/

Chorus: 2x

Spoken: When I was a child, I spoke as a child, I thought as a child, and reasoned like a child, but when I became a man, I put away childish things.
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