Hi, I redid the song "You're All Out of Exits" last week (eq'ed the drums/guitar a little bit more) and forgot to ask for your guys opinion. Would you guys mind telling me how it is, what problems are there (even the minor ones), and what I could do to make it sound better.

It's on my music myspace and thanks a lot UG! (=


You're All Out of Exits!!!

And don't forget to add the myspace page. I need more fans! Haha
The main riff to me feels very over used, the breakdown was a welcomed change. The gated electronic blips dont fit very well at all at the start/mid and ending. Drums need to be brought forward.

Guitars & Bass sound good.

I wouldnt pay to hear this live im afriad.
It sounds pretty good. Everything seems perfect except for the second part of the first verse. It's slightly off but that's it