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Didn't know where to post this, so don't get all anal about it. Anyways, my dad got home from work today, and instead of just his lunch pale, he brought with him a banjo for me. Awesome, right? Well, except for the fact that the damn thing is out of tune. So, I went online and got some stuff for tuning. When I started to tune it to G (which seems to be quite popular), I noticed that some of the strings were WAY lower than what they are supposed to be for G tuning. I am afraid to keep going higher, since I don't wanna snap the strings. Is this a tenor banjo, perhaps? All I know is that it has 5 strings and is made by Oscar Schmidt. I don't know the first thing about banjos, so help me.

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The strings on a banjo are supposed to be fairly tight.
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The strings on a banjo are supposed to be fairly tight.

So I've heard. Give it a shot.

But try not to snap a banjo string!
banjo strings snap very easily, be careful. and theyre a bitch to replace. I have a Kay from the 60's. its pretty cool
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I was hoping this would be something about the Banjo - Kazooie game

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I wish I had a banjo! But like someone above said, try a lower tuning if you're worried about snapping the strings. Banjos are usually tuned to an open chord, but I don't think there's really a "standard" banjo tuning.
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Maybe you could just use a lower tuning.

with distortion too... and you can play the 'dueling banjos' bit from deliverance...

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