Okay, so I turn 16 in exactly seven days from midnight tonight, and I will be picking up a job as soon as I get my license (I take my test the day of my birthday, and I already have my first car ^_^). My first choice would be my local Books-a-million. Last time I was there I asked the clerk about applying, and he gave me a card with the website on it. He said the only way to apply was online. I searched my local BAM, and there are multiple openings. One of which is bookseller, which I am interested in.

It says the job requires age 16, just fine, but in the job description it says you have to run the cash register, which normally wouldn't be a problem for me, but it says in parentheses that running the register requires age 18. I'm afraid they might not hire me because I'm only 16.

I asked my uncle, a lawyer about this, and he said it was probably for insurance reasons, and he'd bet that they would still hire me, just not have me run the register.

So pit, your thoughts or experiences with something like this? I plan to send in my application on my birthday.