Alright, maybe five years ago, there was a commercial where a guy didnt want to use his cell phone, so he called his dad collect.

He said his first name was: Bob (?)

And last name: Gotta baby Itzaboy

I think the commercial was for a cell phone provider, but i could be wrong.

I want to show this to my friend, but i cant find the commercial anywhere.

Does anyone out there remember this commercial, or know where i might find it.

The hardest part about finding this is, I'm not sure what to type into google.

If someone out there found it for me, i would do wahtever they wanted.

I thought it was for 1-800-call collect or something

the service carrottop did the commercials for
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December 14, 2017
see, i thought it was for a cell phone service, because it was abusing the collect ca ll system
yeah i remember that one too, maybe it was rogers or something? idk good luck finding it and congrats if ur having a boy
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