Hey everybody, i've got an Acoustic B200 and I am looking to get some more volume out of it because now when i turn it up, it distorts. So i was thinking of getting an Acoustic B410 to go with it, would this be a big volume/air movement boost, or am i better off to get a completely new amp?
Well there buddy, I have a B20 and that gets pretty loud. BUT if you really want more sound, go with a bigger amp, hands down.
With your amp up full you will be louder than your drummer. Is he/she that bad that you want no-one to hear the drums. If they are being miked up then get yourself miked too.

Try this experiment next time you are playing as a band. Try playing loud without the rest of the band and see how much bass comes out through the vocal mikes. Anything at all that comes out is muddying your sound and making the band sound worse. The only real cure is to turn down.

If your amp is clipping at levels where you are not drowning out the drums then you probably need to lookat your tone settings. Boosting your bass will cause distortion, use less and boost the middle which will make you much louder subjectively and help you cut through the mix.
4x10's are punchier because they favour the middle and give less low bass. Add them because you like the tone not just to get extra volume